#30for30 – David





“I enjoy the work that I do because it enables me to change the lives of the students I teach, to become useful people in society” David begins.

David Khalech is a Sports Trainer at Green Garden school in Kenya. At the age of nine, he joined the African Children’s Choir in 1997, traveling with Choirs 15/16.

Since then he says the ACC has been family to him. And now as a responsible young man, the 26 year old trains the basketball and swimming teams of Green Garden School, something he has been doing for the last four years.

He says, “I am proud to be teaching some of the ACC children at my school.”

David proudly speaks of the positive change he is making in Kikuyu, as a member of a counseling group that speaks out against drug abuse among the youths in Kenya.

“It is my dream to create awareness on HIV/AIDS in Kayole, a community in which I was raised,” he says with a smile. His gratitude is towards the Choir for making him an independent young man, who now takes care of his ageing mother. “ I am thankful to the African Children’s Choir for making me who I am today,” he lastly adds.