#30for30 – Meet Byron

Barnett Choir 5

The African Children’s Choir sponsorship program is one of the major programs under which the organization ensures that the choir children remain in school to get a better education, when they return home from tour. It not only caters for choir children, but thousands of others, who are helped through the Choir’s efforts.

Byron Luboyera is the sponsorship manager in Uganda.   Most amazingly, he was in choir 4 of the African Children’s Choir at the age of seven.  He calls this a God given opportunity saying, “I remember before going on tour, joining the choir was very difficult.”

Just like many other Choir children, Byron remarks that the tour experience opened his eyes to new things, among which ambition, he gained. “I decided that while I might not be rich, I was never going to be poor,” he reveals.

He also shares that as a child, his efforts were placed in working very hard to earn an extra form of living during holidays from school, something he admits, gave him a business oriented mind. “At one point I dreamt of becoming a governor, simply because I was hosted by a rich governor of a certain state in America,” he jokes.

With help from the organization, Byron successfully completed his education at the Institute of Statistics, at the prestigious Makerere University. He is a Population Statistics Major, in Public Health.

For over eight years, Byron has worked with the sponsorship office, ensuring the communication between sponsors and their sponsor children is kept alive and that all school fees for the children is paid in time. Speaking of his motivation, Byron remarks, “I am paid, which is a good thing. But the greatest of all is being able to help other children like I was helped.”

“Every time I see these children, they remind me of myself at a young age, I am able to understand their situation, and so it is easier to help them as well,” he adds.

Among his mentors, is his late grandfather, whose lesson of self-belief and aiming higher in life is what he emulates.  In the near future, Byron says that he hopes to get married, have children of his own, and become a successful business man.

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