Every Moment | Mary’s Story

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Please enjoy a free download of “Every Moment”, an original song written and recorded by Mary, who is currently serving as Chaperone and Choir Trainer with the 45th African Children’s Choir.

As a child, Mary was in the 16th and 20th African Children’s Choir and toured again with the Young Africans after completing high school. These experiences gave her a chance to dream big and make her visions a reality.

Mary’s exceptional musical ability has led her to successfully write and produce her own music. Her music communicates the belief that there is hope for a brighter future for street children and those living in the slums of Kampala, despite the difficulties they face.

“My only hope is to inspire those struggling through life, especially children. I want my music to encourage anyone listening to change their story into a better one — that they too, just like me, can make it.”
– Mary

Before touring with Choir 45, Mary graduated from Makerere University, holding a degree in Environmental Science.



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