A Day at the Beach

The children of Choir 38 have seen many types of bodies of watersince they have been in America, mainly puddles, bathtubs and sometimes pools. When we were in Washington at the very beginning we saw bits of ocean water but it was only a finger of the ocean and you could always see land on the other side. Even when we came within 60 miles of the Pacific Ocean we still weren’t able to see the vast beautiful ocean. Many months later we wound up in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and got to see glimpses of the Gulf of Mexico. And yet all of these experiences were separate and only with host families. A few children touched the water here and there.

And then one day, at the end of March, after being 8 months on the road we came to a new body of water… It was on that day that all seventeen children saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time on the coast of Florida. Just after the above photo was taken the children all jumped in the water at the same time as a family.

This was the first time the children ever experienced waves, so for a full hour they were gripping their aunties’ and uncles’ hands with the biggest, brightest smiles they’ve ever had. Although the current was strong, the children relished being tossed in the waves near the shore and cheered for the chaperones who dared to venture out further (despite the rumour of a shark). All too soon it was time to dry off, wash the sand out from between their toes and head home to bed.