A New Song

Our dream of a new training facility for the African Children’s Choir became a reality earlier this month as the children of Choir 47 moved into our new Choir Training Academy.

Children like Treasure, Tracy, and Kevin are now living, training and learning at the new facility, which is located on the 16-acre campus of the African Children’s Choir Primary School along the serene shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda.

The building offers an ideal environment for the children to live and train in, featuring a professional-grade rehearsal studio, separate dormitories and washrooms for girls and boys, a family room, kitchen and dining hall, as well as living quarters for chaperones and staff.

Before the new Choir Training Academy was finished, Choir children in training stayed in a multi-level office building in an urban area of Kampala, Uganda, where our East African headquarters are located. While the building provided plenty of indoor space, outdoor space for playing was quite limited. The children’s new environment is big and safe enough for the children to run and play freely.

The completion of our new Choir Training Academy is the culmination of much prayer, planning, hard work, and the ongoing generosity of supporters like you.

On February 25th, our children and staff will join hands with donors and partners to dedicate this place to God once more.

Special thanks to all those who have made this dream come true, especially Engineering Ministries International, Kwaya Australia, the Australian High Commission to East Africa, the Dobson family, the Stalcup family, Bev Steensma, and Karl Road Baptist Church.

Download a slideshow of the new Choir Training Academy