A Sight to Behold

Choir 38 took a drive to the Grand Canyon and saw something amazing! Thanks to Auntie Stephanie for sending this in.

The funny thing about tour is that you can be in a snowstorm in the morning and then, a few hours later, be in 20-degree weather and surrounded by palm trees. As we left Park City and drove to Saint George that is exactly what happened.

After our time in Saint George, we moved on to Arizona and were very near to a place that I had wanted to see since I was a child. So, one morning we arose while it was “still night,” as the children would say, and drove to the Grand Canyon! The sight we saw was breathtaking in its beauty and is not something I can describe with words. It was covered in snow so once we had seen the view, we spent some time playing in snow yet again. As we left to head to warm, sunny Phoenix, Brian turned to me and said, “We prayed and prayed and prayed for snow. Now God has sent too much!”