Leadership Team

The African Children’s Choir® (ACC) has been delighting audiences around the world for 35 years. Behind the talent, enthusiasm and beauty of the Choir children are a team of dedicated ACC family members. The ACC team works hard to look after the children and make the tours, and the supported Music for Life projects in Africa, a success. The International Executive Team are the heart of the ACC family.

Read the below profiles to get to know this incredible team. Discover more about their roles, their goals and their passion for the talented and inspirational children of the African Children’s Choir.

The International Executive Team

Ray Barnett | Founder

Ray Barnett

Ray Barnett founded the African Children’s Choir in 1984 and has led the organization ever since. Ray is CEO of both the African Children’s Choir and Music for Life today.

Nothing is impossible if you keep your faith in God and apply action.

Ray Barnett

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Suzanne Nelson | International Director


Suzanne Nelson has been with the organization from the start, as International Director she is responsible for overseeing activities within both the African Children’s Choir and Music for Life.

These amazing children could use the skills the choir afforded them for themselves, but they don’t, they give back to their communities, some have become doctors, others engineers, it makes me very proud to see. Suzanne Nelson.

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Rheanne Lechkobit | Operations Director

As Operations Director Rheanne oversees finance, administration and fieldwork for the organisation internationally.

The amount of children Music for Life and the African Children’s Choir has helped educate throughout our 28 years. We’ve educated over 50,000 children in parts of Africa’s most underprivileged societies, and helped in excess of 100,000 children through relief projects… and the number continues to rise. Rheanne Lechkobit.

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Julia Barnett Tracy | Int’ Choir Operations Director

Julia Barnett Tracy

Julia has worked for the African Children’s Choir for over 20 years. As International Choir Operations Director Julia is responsible for a wide variety of activity across the charity including managing tour operations, special events, fundraising and overall management of music and concert programs.

The African Children’s Choir has been my life, my ministry for the last 20 years. One stand out period in those years has to be when I was in Southern Sudan in 1993, helping the lost boys amidst a Civil War Julia Barnett Tracy

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Sally France | Operations Director E.Africa

IMG_0122 (2)

Sally has worked for the Choir since its beginning over 28 years ago. As E.Africa Operations Director Sally is the organization’s representative in the field, overseeing all of the projects and programs ran by Music for Life in East Africa.

It brings me joy that the Choir children will continue to carry forward and fulfil the vision of ‘Helping Africa’s most vulnerable children today so they can help Africa tomorrow’, nothing gives me as much pleasure as working alongside adult former Choir children as they raise the next generation of ChangeMakers. Sally France

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Sylvia Callister | UK Administrator

Sylvia Callister

Sylvia has worked at the African Children’s Choir’s UK administration office since January 1999. As UK Administrator Sylvia is responsible for managing all UK Choir tours and special events.

When I see how the children’s performances touch people, it really brings it home as to why I do what I do. Sylvia Callister

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Scott Lambie | Director of Development

Scott is an inspirational force when it comes to developing the organization for the future. Scott creates and oversees the implementation of a strategic approach to fundraising initiatives, donor relationships, and special projects.