The Need

With over half of its population living below the poverty line, Kenya continues to battle drought, disease and unemployment.

OVER 1 million children are out of primary school education in Kenya, allowing for the cycle of poverty to continue. (source: UNESCO)

Thanks to a recent free primary education scheme, enrolment has gone up from 6.1 Million to 7.4 million but Kenya now needs an additional 80,000 teachers to be able to cope with the new numbers.

Currently in Government run schools there are 90 plus children in one class taught by one teacher, the majority of these children consequently fail their exams and do not go onto a secondary education.

African Children's Choir Kenya

Children in Kenya


The African Children’s Choir® has been working in Kenya since 1990 and have seen approximately 200 of the country’s most vulnerable and in-need children tour with them in that time. These 200 children have gone on to be fully sponsored and supported by Music for Life throughout their primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Unlike Uganda, The African Children’s Choir does not have their own school facilities based in Kenya, so our Kenyan office staff ensure that former Choir children are enrolled in schools that promote academic excellence, with small class sizes and comprehensive life skills education. The staff act as parent/mentor figures to the children, counselling and encouraging them, supporting and guiding them through life’s various challenges.

There are currently 34 former Choir children in primary education in Kenya and 16 in secondary schooling. We also have 22 children in primary education who are yet to go on tour.

11 young adults from previous Choirs are currently attending college or university in Kenya, with a further 8 awaiting placements as they have just graduated from secondary school.

Music for Life Center – Kibera

Music for Life runs a Music for Life Center in Kenya, which provides a safe environment for local deprived children to be creative in music and dance, discover their talents and receive encouragement from the volunteers. This has not only developed their confidence but improved their communication skills and enhanced their learning in other areas. The Music for Life Center is located in the Kibera slum area of Nairobi. Up to 50 vulnerable children attend the center per week, where they are also given a snack.

There are approximately 2.5 million slum dwellers in about 200 settlements in Nairobi representing 60% of the Nairobi population, occupying just 6% of the land. Kibera houses almost 1 Million of these people. Kibera is the biggest slum in Africa and one of the biggest in the world. (

Talking about the effect the Music for Life Center had on the local children at his school when sessions were held there, headteacher of Toi Primary School says “Since MFL centers started at my school most of the members have a high sense of self-esteem and can now fit in with most of the students. They answer questions in class and are more focused in life.”

Relief and Development Courses

Music for Life also runs a relief and development course in Kenya. This course is open to people from the West who are interested in learning more about development issues and at the same time get “hands-on” experience. It is a chance to learn alongside young African adults and get a first-hand insight into another culture. Teaching is done by a mixture of lectures, discussions and projects and involves practical community work and experience throughout the three-week course. Participants are a mixture of ages and come from a variety of cultures. Click here to read more about MFL Relief and Development Courses.


Your donation today will help The African Children’s Choir continue to be ambassadors for the deprived and in-need children of Africa. Your gift will go towards the various Music for Life relief and education projects run across the continent, helping some of the most vulnerable children in places such as Kenya.

We have children in Kenya who desperately need sponsorship to gain an education that without support, would be unattainable to them. Help create ChangeMakers for the future of Africa today and sponsor a child.

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Nurse Nancy Wangari Member of Choir 13


Nancy is from Githumu, Kiambu County in Kenya. Nancy came from a struggling home of a single mother with six children.

After touring with Choir 13 Nancy did well in her primary and secondary schooling and dreamt of becoming a nurse. After further sponsoring from MFL Nancy took a registered Nursing course and graduated as a qualified nurse in 2009.

She is now currently working at Kijabe Mission Hospital, one of the main mission hospitals in Kenya, as a registered community health nurse. Nancy works in the High Dependency Unit helping extremely ill patients.

I enjoyed visiting many exciting places while on tour with the African Children’s Choir and meeting many people. It was an awesome lifetime experience I will never forget, I cherish every moment. MFL has given me an opportunity that I would never have had. It gave me a chance to be who I am today and to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a nurse. Without MFL I do not know where I would be today.