One Voice for peace


Peace Day 1One Voice, a choir composed of former African Children’s Choir members, most of whom are at University, recently crossed the Ugandan border to share their message of peace to the neighboring Rwandan community for the Peace Day celebrations on 21st September.

Made of about 30 members, One Voice performs in and around Kampala, reaching out to thousands with their message of love, joy and the peace of Jesus. With exceptional voices, they sing out in one voice, to create hope for those that feel lost.

Peace Day saw One Voice open the celebrations with a powerful performance of three songs at the Mahoro Indoor Games Stadium. With the main song “Peace on Earth” alone speaking volumes of what the day beheld, coupled with a spectacular drum solo, the Choir left the entire audience elated and in awe of its divine tunes.

Peace Day 2The event was organized by “PEACE ONE DAY”, a Non-Governmental Organization that was formed 17 years ago by Jeremy Gilley. His vision was to see cease fires and non-violence around the world on a fixed calendar date. With the help of the United Nations, the organization succeeded and now Peace Day is held every year on 21st September.

PEACE ONE DAY has since partnered with the UNICEF and the World Health Organization in vaccinating millions of children against polio.

Jeremy and his team have spent the last couple of years telling the world that 21st September is the day of Peace. “We travel the world organizing peace events through music and sports in communities, NGOS, schools and religious organizations, which is gaining momentum,” Jeremy states. “It’s a privilege meeting the African Children’s Choir group and having them perform during this day. I am really pleased everyone’s here,” the Founder of Peace One Day spoke. He further explained that International Peace Day is being celebrated in all kinds of ways, in schools, homes, through dancing and sports. This year’s Peace celebrations were dedicated to the youths, them being the actors of peace in a nation. “I am expecting a lot of awareness and a great show, with young people being inspired and empowered to get involved in the peace process,” Gilley added.

Peace Day 3

The Chairman of Rwanda’s National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC), Bishop John Rucyahana, also shared that Rwanda has since had three well-organized Peace Day celebrations. “Rwanda has done quite well in peace building, from shambles of the genocide, which consumed over a million people. Peace is worth celebrating,” he stated. “We are trying hard in humility to encourage our people to create peace,” Rucyahana enhances. “The youths are the actual resource that we have because they have longer to live. We are sharpening them for the responsibility of maintaining the African glory and that of the world, because we are not growing in isolation.” Bishop Rucyahana finally shared that having the ONE VOICE group sharing their message of peace in Rwanda was a demonstration of Africa’s uniqueness.

Before their performance the members of One Voice had an emotional visit to the Kigali Genocide Museum. It truly brought home the importance of peace and why performing at events like Peace Day are vital for the continued efforts in creating a world free from war and suffering.