ACCPS Easter Outreach

At the African Children’s Choir Primary School, we feel that sharing is caring. This Easter season, once again, the students at the African Children’s Choir Primary School have reached out to the nearing communities by sharing meals with deprived families whose hopes of having a happy Easter were dim.

With 45 students representing the school, they were divided into groups of fifteen, visiting three different areas. Rice, Sugar, Tealeaves, Cooking oil, Flour, Butter and Laundry Soap, were some of the items placed in the packages that they gave out.

It’s now a tradition that every year, three weeks before Easter, the students will give up having their evening snacks to help raise enough money that will instead be used to buy Easter food supplies for families living around the school neighborhood.

A mother and baby receiving their supplies.

This is done with the purpose of showing these families that Easter is all about Love and Sacrifice. As the students sit and speak with the families, they are able to share some of their testimonies on how God has tremendously blessed them with so much and provided for many of their needs. In addition, they also give words of encouragement to the families.

Henry from Choir 42 is one of the students who is passionate about community service and never misses out on involvement in any outreach. While speaking to the family that his team visited, Henry said, “ It is a privilege that we get to show you the love of Christ because love is what we have been shown since we were young. We share this Easter food package with you because we have been taught to share with others even the little that we have. Because Christ showed us what it means to love one another, we too come in love and pray that our small gift to you is accepted and that it blesses your family.”

The other thing that the students love to do is live by example. They believe that just visiting the homes is not enough. They therefore go an extra mile by cleaning the homes and fetching water.

Lastly, the visit ends with the students sharing about Christ and praying for the families.

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