The ACC Primary School

Education and Training Center


The African Children’s Choir Primary School is a thriving campus where all Choir children receive their primary education before and after the tour.

Laying A Solid Foundation

At the ACC Primary School, the children enjoy low teacher-to-student ratios, have access to proper learning materials and technology, and are encouraged to ask questions and pursue their dreams. In addition to the traditional Ugandan curriculum, the students develop their talents with training in music, dance, art, sports, computer studies and life skills.

Primary Education Needs

Our school addresses all the needs of our students during their Primary education. Students are cared for by loving staff and receive the physical, emotional, and spiritual support needed to reach their full potential.

Fundamental to the ethos of the school is a sense of social responsibility and desire to share the love of Christ within the community. Students participate in student led outreaches and community work projects. Empowered by these experiences and the knowledge that they can make a difference, graduating students continue with such projects throughout their secondary, college and adult lives.

Our children share a common experience and common goal, to be the ChangeMakers of tomorrow.

Graduation and Beyond

Students graduating from the primary school consistently achieve excellent results in the National Primary Leaving Exams and go on to study at top tier schools based on their scores and placement testing. At Empower, students continue in our ChangeMaker programs designed to build on the foundation laid by the primary school in providing personal and spiritual development.

Music For Life continues the sponsorship of those in the ChangeMaker program through University/College level. Today alumni are fulfilling the motto by helping bring positive change to Africa in a wide variety of fields like medicine, education, relief & development, ministry, business, law, and more.

Success Stories

  • Meet Catherine, the twenty-seven-year-old was born in Langas, one of the chief slums in Eldoret Kenya. She joined the African Children’s Choir back in 1993. Catherine toured with choirs ten and eleven, something she says was the greatest experience of her life. Early in 2011, Catherine graduated with a Diploma in Nursing and today, she works in Eldoret for a Government Hospital. To Catherine, the nursing experience is what she considers a God-given opportunity to change lives and make a difference in various Women’s lives in her community. Catherine is married with 1 child.

    Catherine, Member of Choir 10
    Catherine, Member of Choir 10 Nurse Midwife
  • John toured with the 34th African Children’s Choir. In December 2017, he met a friend who helped him apply for a scholarship at African Leadership Academy (ALA) in South Africa, which he later attained. He mentioned that his academic experience at ALA has been life changing. After graduating high school, John has since taken on an initiative named Plan of Action, where he hopes to empower many more African Youth the various opportunities that he himself has benefited from. John is also now attending Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar and he wants to become a diplomat so he can play a positive role in the future of Uganda.

    John, Member of Choir 34
    John, Member of Choir 34
  • Morris was part of the 11th African Children's Choir. After his tour Morris was able to attend high school in South Africa. After High School Morris went to college and specialized in Computer Networks. Morris now runs a Computer Company in Uganda that he started with very close friends. He also teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to successfully run their businesses.

    Morris, Member of Choir 11
    Morris, Member of Choir 11
  • Sandrah's journey began with Music for Life on tour with the 24th African Children's Choir and continues to this day. She  graduated from Nkumba University with a degree in International Relations and is giving back by working with vulnerable children in our outreach programs in Uganda.

    Sandrah, Member of Choir 24
    Sandrah, Member of Choir 24
  • Amanda has travelled to Italy where she represents Uganda in a high-level policy think-tank surrounding global child-care systems and issues. She's had the opportunity to make a difference in her country and has been a voice for many other children like her. Today, she continues to encourage others. She runs an online platform that uses poetry to tell people the truth about life and the love that God has for them. She has also been accepted into an internship with the European Union Delegation in Uganda. She will have the opportunity to continue making a difference in her country, spreading joy, and making life better for children.

    Amanda, Member of Choir 23
    Amanda, Member of Choir 23