Your Christmas Gift Now Can Still Make a Difference

Your Christmas Gift Now Can Still Make a Difference

Each year, our Christmas appeal is one of our most important fundraising efforts for Music for Life and African Children’s Choir. Your generosity during the holiday season allows us to support our students and provide much-needed resources to at-risk African communities all year long.

But this year, we made an unfortunate discovery…

We found out that many of you never actually received your Christmas letter and appeal in the mail. As a result, we are not yet where we need to be to fully cover our programs in 2022.

You can change this today with your generous gift.

Your Direct Impact

Your generosity is making a difference, and here’s exactly what that looks like.

Your belated Christmas gift will:.

– Provide quality education to thousands of impoverished children in Africa.
– Give food, shelter and medical intervention to students and families in need of help.
– Help the children of Africa bring positive, lasting change to their communities.

Together, we can make a lasting impact!