Between Friends – Spring 2019

Dear Friend,

I’ve been deeply entrenched in the Gospel of John for the last several months, studying each chapter, reading commentaries and having discussions with the people at my church. We’ve uncovered so many new perspectives about God and ourselves through the process. I’ve watched the stories come alive daily as though God is orchestrating real life scenarios to reflect the respective text we’re covering in the Bible. Almost like a music conductor rallying instrumentalists to transcribe notes they see on sheet music into a harmonious audible symphony. 

Here’s the bottom line. Jesus spent a lot of time with his disciples. He taught them, served them, and showed them miracles, and He pointed it all back to his Father. He changed the way they viewed the character of God and empowered them to spread the good news. He intentionally made disciples who shared the Gospel to make more disciples. As Christians, this should be at the heart of everything we do. 

As we move into spring and celebrate Easter, it seems an apt time to reflect on the power of change – it’s what we at Music for Life aim to do. Our music programs provide a platform for those with a significant disadvantage in life to shine, to use their talent, ability and full potential to go on to transform their countries.

In this edition of Between Friends, you can read about this work first-hand, as we check-in with Choir 49 and the transformative experiences they are having on tour. We have an update from Empower International Academy – our high school dedicated to providing quality education to both children in our programs and those in the local area. And finally, we would like you to meet Amanda, a leader of one of our outreach programs that provides children from the most deprived areas of Africa with mentorship, discipleship and support. It’s important that you see the impact of our choir, education and outreach programs because the children who have experienced them grow up knowing how to use their intellect in thought-provoking and compassionate ways. True change begins when the children we’ve served begin giving back to their own communities in abundance – allowing their light to shine on other children living in the shadows of the poverty they were once in. 

Postcard from the road

Choir 49 is currently touring North America – as well as bringing joy to audiences with their energetic and moving performances, being ambassadors and voices for the children back in Africa, they are also experiencing life-changing moments that are educating them beyond any classroom. Their world views, hearts and minds are expanding – learn how these moments are impacting the children by reading their latest “Postcard from the road”. 


Empower International Academy – Update

We are incredibly excited to announce the completion of the first phase of construction at the Empower International Academy! 

The facility is equipped with spacious classrooms, science lab, kitchen, soccer field and girls and boys dorm space to house 150 students. The academy is set on 15 acres of picturesque land 35km from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Our current plan is to launch the school in February 2020 with an induction class of students from the African Children’s Choir Primary School.

Throughout 2019 we will be recruiting our leadership team and teaching staff, plus we will be completing final touches to the campus with landscaping. We are continuing to raise funds for the equipment and learning tools needed in order to be ready for our first group of students.

We look forward to the day that the campus will be full of students who will benefit immeasurably from an international standard of education and our discipleship, mentorship, and leadership development programs.


Music for Life Outreach

Meet Amanda. Having toured with Choir 23, Amanda is now studying for a degree in International Relations. Between lessons and studying, Amanda gives her time to mentor five girls who attend our weekly outreach sessions. These girls come from lives of extreme poverty, where their environment offers little example of hope, accomplishment or support. Talking about her work during these sessions, where she provides discipleship and encouragement, Amanda says – 

“The mentorship program is powerful because it continues to carry forward the vision of the African Children’s Choir. Now that we have been trained as bearers of hope – we have been given the opportunity to exercise it by also holding the hand of those that follow.” 

Music for Life support teams of mentors that visit 14 different locations across Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda to offer these weekly outreach sessions. During the sessions, the children learn about the love, grace, and hope of our savior, Jesus Christ as well as practical lessons on hygiene and wellbeing. The need is great, the reward for our young leaders is powerful but it’s the impact this mentorship has on the children it serves that drives us to continue reaching out in this way.


Thank you! Your support goes beyond improving the lives of one group of children. Your investment in them enables change in others for years to come, and it’s this ripple effect of education, God’s love and outreach that will break the cycle of poverty in Africa. Never underestimate your part in this change and our gratitude for your involvement.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.

With blessings,

Scott Lambie