Bus Driver

Responsible to:  Tour Leader, Bus Advisor
The Bus driver is responsible for the safe and timely transport of the children.  The Bus driver is also responsible for the maintenance and care of the bus.  The bus should be the driver’s primary focus of the day.

General Duties include but are not limited to:

  1. Driving and Travel
  2. Maintenance
  3. Safety of Passengers / Bus
  4. Logs / Reports / Information
  1. Concert Duties

A.  Driving and Travel

  • Reviewing the Choir route and schedule two weeks prior to travel day, and communicating necessary needs with the Tour Leader (timing, length of travel, rest-stops every 2 hours, etc).  If clarification is needed on directions, call the church (with Tour Leader) to confirm.
  • Abiding to all local traffic laws and ensuring safest trip possible (adhering to all posted speed limits, stopping at required Weigh Stations, stopping at railroad tracks, etc).
  • Maintaining a comfortable environment for the passengers (cooling or warming the bus before the Choir loads up, etc)

B.  Maintenance

  • Checking the bus daily, filling logs, checking fluid levels weekly, fuelling at appropriate times (not during between-concert travel), and completing/coordinating other inspections and adjustments on schedule or as needed.
  • Consult with the MFL / ACC Bus Adviser and the Bus Garage Index for any needed repairs.  Truck shops do not know Motor Coach systems.
  • Coordinating and completing bus organization and clean-up inside and out –the cleanest interior environment, and best exterior impression when pulling into any parking lot.

C.  Safety of Passengers/Bus

  • Ensure children abide to pre-set Travel Rules (remaining seated at all times, etc) and educating staff on basic safety (agreeing with Travel Rules, reviewing emergency procedures, etc)
  • Being ultimately responsible for the various sets of Bus Keys that staff may be using
  • Parking in well-lit, safe locations, and locking up the bus accordingly.

D.  Logs / Reports / Information

A daily driving log must be kept, which will include details on mileage, weight, maintenance (daily and ongoing), fuelling, etc.  These may be asked for at any time and must be updated daily.

F.  Concert Duties

The Bus Driver assists in the unloading of the bus and coordinating where the bus should be parked.  Once the concert is over, the Bus Driver will assist with stage tear-down and oversee the orderly loading of all the equipment.


The Bus Driver will also have other duties assigned throughout the tour as directed by the Tour Leader and Choir Manager.  This includes (but is not limited to) helping with schooling by teaching a class or assisting a teacher if asked.