Choir 38 perform for the last time

Choir 38 have ended their UK arena tour with Young Voices, which saw them perform to tens of thousands of audience members throughout December and January at some of the country’s largest arenas such as The Birmingham NEC and London’s O2.

African Children's Choir on the Young Voices Arena Tour

Choir 38 centre stage on the Young Voices arena tour.

Young Voices bring together school choirs across the country and unite them under one roof to perform as one. As well as The African Children’s Choir, the concert also included performances from vocalist Randolph Matthews, street dance group Urban Strides, and friend of the Choir, Britain’s Got Talent runner-up, Connie Talbot.

The last night was an emotional occasion as everyone on the tour had formed a special bond, none more so than Choir 38 and Connie. When talking about her relationship with the Choir Connie gushed “They are friends to me now, the children are great to be around, they are so happy and we have had great fun together, I am sad to see them go.”

The African Children's Choir and Connie Talbot

Choir 38 with Connie

Connie went on to praise the Choir’s performance of the Jubilee song ‘Sing’, which the children performed every night on tour accompanied on the chorus by the 5,000 strong voices of the collective Young Voices choir. Connie said “When they perform Sing it makes me want to cry, they sing it so perfectly every time – I can’t wait to see them again already.”

On behalf of everyone at the African Children’s Choir we would like to thank Young Voices for inviting us to perform on this tour. Choir 38 would also like to thank the thousands of school choir children who performed alongside them each night, and would like send their best wishes to their fellow performers from the tour – it was such an amazing experience for all involved.

Not only was this performance Choir 38’s last with Young Voice’s, it was their last ever time singing as a touring choir after travelling together across America, Canada and the UK.

African Children's Choir and chaperones

Choir 38 with their chaperones

We would like to say a special thank you to their tour leaders and chaperones for teaching, guiding and looking after the children for the duration of their tour. Eva, Robbie, Jennifer, Jeremy, Sarah, Stephanie, Stefanie, Nicola and Pamela we appreciate all your hard work.

The children have now arrived back safely to Uganda and, after a de-brief, will go on to complete their education at The African Children’s Choir Primary School in Entebbe.

African Children's Choir return home to Uganda

Choir 38 arrive home to Uganda

We wish Faith, Angel, Grace, Sarah, Maureen, Dorcas, Damalie, Alice, Trevor, Joshua, Jotham, Brivett, Timothy, Brian, Gaster, Ronald, and Charles our blessings and best wishes as they re-connect with loved ones and start their education. With no doubt we believe that each and every one of them will go on to become ChangeMakers for the future of Africa.