Cultivating a Spirit of Giving

Cultivating a Spirit of Giving

May 18th, 2017

We’re serious about achieving our mission of “helping Africa’s most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow.”

From the time they join Music for Life as young children until long after they graduate, we present our students with ongoing opportunities to serve people and communities in need.

Most recently, children studying at the African Children’s Choir Primary School (ACCPS) in Uganda participated in an outreach program ministering to people living with HIV/AIDS over the Easter Holiday.

Through the outreach at The Aids Support Organization (TASO), the children extended love and compassion by giving their own breakfast along with food parcels to patients at an HIV/AIDS center. They also entertained the patients by performing uplifting songs and dances.

“I enjoyed interacting with the patients, especially the children,” ACCPS student Moses of Choir 39 said. “Showing love and kindness to the sick is the best gift we could share while celebrating Easter because God did the same for us.”

TASO serves 800-1000 people living with HIV/AIDS, including children and pregnant women.

“If everyone was as kind to people living with HIV/AIDS as these children were, the world would be a much better place,” said Caroline Aanyu, Client Relations Officer of TASO.

The primary school Easter Outreach Program is just one of many ways we’re cultivating a spirit of giving among ACC children and youth and raising up generations of ChangeMakers.

“Our outreach programs enable our students to discover firsthand the impact they can have on others living in need,” Sally France, Director of Programs in Africa, said. “It helps them develop hearts for service and ministry, which is the fulfillment of our vision.”




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