The Easter Season is a great chance to reflect on the transformation and hope that we have through Christ. It’s also a reminder of the hope we’re able to offer students and families — because of friends like you.

As the African Children’s Choir tours across the U.S. for the first time in three years, the joy, hope and potential of these students is undeniable. But there are thousands of children in vulnerable African communities who still need our help.

Your gift this Easter season means so much and will make a lasting impact on the next generation. Will you join us?


will provide for a child’s well-being and immediate needs.


will help pay for school fees, uniforms and books.



will help our students bring lasting change to their communities.


Every dollar will support children in vulnerable African communities.


Isaac’s Story

Each student we serve represents a story of hope in the face of incredible hardship. This is especially true of 11-year-old Isaac — a member of Choir 51, currently on tour in the U.S.!

Isaac comes from one of the worst slums around Kampala, Uganda called Bwaise. Raised with his parents and three siblings, life was incredibly difficult before you stepped in. Despite their hardships, Isaac’s mother faithfully cleaned their local church daily and took time to pray while she did.

Her biggest prayer? That a sponsorship opportunity would become available for her children.