Bring the joy and good news of Easter to children in Africa

This Easter season, African children are finally returning to the rhythm of school life again as restrictions are being lifted. But there are still countless African children in need of your support to receive relief, education and the hope they so desperately need.

One way that you help us do this is through the one-of-a-kind programs at our Music for Life Centers. These life-changing centers are run by our Music For Life college students. Teachers at our partner schools have also noticed that school attendance goes up on the days that our college students are at the centers.

This is proof of the transformation we’ve seen in thousands of students’ lives because of YOU!

Today with your gift, you can help even more African children realize their true potential and begin a new life. This year, we hope to fill a growing need to expand these centers and programs. But we can only do this with your help.

Your Direct Impact

Your generosity is making a difference, and here’s exactly what that looks like.

Through our Music For Life Centers, we are able to:.

– Support students on their educational journey by providing co-curricular activities.

– Offer mentorship, encouragement and snacks to children who have often been overlooked.

– Share the gospel and a music program that so many children would not have access to without YOU.

– Provide a way for our Music for Life graduates to give back to the next generation.