Farewell to Choir 50

Before the children embark on a tour, we celebrate their talent and upcoming adventure by throwing a farewell party at the African Children’s Choir Primary School for the children and their families.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to spend some time with their loved ones and show them what they have learned at the the Choir Training Academy,

This event was held for Choir 50 last week. Since some of our parents came from far, the party took place on the same day that the choir received the visas, which was an extra special celebration!

It was a happy day for everyone. Crowning it all with a celebration and performances was the best part of the day.

As always, the parents were blown away by the talent they saw in all their children. They were more than grateful that their young ones were the lucky few that had been gifted with the opportunity to travel with the African Children’s Choir.

Please enjoy these pictures from the event and join us in prayer for the safe travels of Choir 50.

To find out where you can see Choir 50 live in concert, visit our Show Page.