Gone Fishin’

In Kenner, LA during their Christmas break a very nice gentleman from the church (Carl) offered to take all of the children fishing!

It was a fabulous day and a wonderful experience for all! Carl was so generous and so excited that he rounded up 17 fishing poles so that each child could have one!

The children were fascinated (and disgusted) by the bait we used, earth worms, and crickets! The first child to catch a fish was Dorcas. Angel pulled one in shortly after. Then a lot of time passed with no children catching any fish.

Gaster's Fish

“We really wanted one of the boys to catch one,” said Auntie Jenny. Gaster, the littlest boy had pulled his pole out of the water and sat looking dejected.

“I asked him if he knew the secret about fishing.” Jenny said. He said “No”

“Well, it is always the littlest boy that catches the first, or the biggest, or the most fish.” Jenny told him. Gaster looked up and asked “Really???”

“I told him ‘well, you wont know unless you put your pole back in the water’. I asked him to pretend he caught a fish, and show me how excited he would be.”

A few minutes later Gaster caught the first, and only fish for the boys! He was so excited…and since he was the only boy to catch one, his fish was also the biggest!