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Grace in the 19th African Children’s Choir

When Grace was eight years old, she toured with the 19th African Children’s Choir. She toured again after graduating high school with Ubuntu Africa, our young adults choir.

Grace graduated from university with a degree in Social Work a year ago. She is passionate about bringing hope, joy, and inspiration to Uganda’s most impoverished kids, and today, she is doing just that, serving as the Outreach Program Coordinator for Music for Life in Uganda.

We are so proud of our young adults, like Grace, who are giving back in Africa. As we watch former Choir members bring positive change to their communities and countries, we can’t help but share the stories of these ChangeMakers.

Our education, leadership, and discipleship programs are all intentionally designed to instill in the children a life-long spirit of service and a desire to give back. From when they are young, to long after they graduate, our students are presented with ongoing opportunities to minister to people and serve communities in need.


Grace leads activities at a Music for Life Centre

While in university, our students have the opportunity to participate in the leadership of Music for Life Centres, an outreach program that we operate in some of Kenya and Uganda’s most impoverished primary schools.


Through this program, our university students meet with primary school children weekly for an entire school year. They lead activities like singing and dancing, they teach lessons about health, hygiene, and life skills, they tell Bible stories and play games, and they provide the children with a nutritious snack.

Our students also serve as mentors and role models to the children in the program, who live in extreme poverty. Each young adult builds relationships with certain children to serve as a trusted mentor and friend, providing wisdom and encouragement, and challenging them to achieve their potential.

Throughout the course of the year, trust is established and the children experience significant emotional and spiritual growth through their relationship with a mentor.

“The children see that their mentors have come from similar situations, and yet they’ve managed to excel, so they’re inspired to dream big and aspire to excellence,” Grace said.

The young adults leading the programs also experience immense growth, as their hearts for service expand and their leadership experience deepens.

“The outreach programs remind us of the similar background we all share. It reminds us that we were blessed, and it instills a sense of responsibility within us to give back,” Grace said. “We get attached to the children and develop a sense of accountability toward them. Subsequently, we strive harder to be good university students and good leaders, and we continue to seek opportunities to give back throughout our lives.”

Music for Life Centres is one example of the many outreach programs and opportunities that foster compassion and generosity in each of our ChangeMakers.

“This program demonstrates the ChangeMaker concept coming full circle,” said Sally France, Director of Programs in Africa, “Children who attend Music for Life Centres are eligible for selection into our Choir and ChangeMaker program. Meanwhile, our university students are able to discover first-hand the impact they can have on children from impoverished backgrounds. It cultivates and develops a heart for service and ministry, which is the fulfillment of our vision.”

Music for Life Centres operate in nine primary schools in Kenya and Uganda, impacting the lives of about 400 children every week. Click here to donate to our outreach programs.