Handmade products by Joel

Meet Joel Balimanya…



Joel is the artist behind many of the handmade products you see for sale on our tours. Look closely and you’ll see that many of the items are made from recycled materials, like car tires and scrap metal. In addition to providing his unique products for our sales, Joel also makes the car tire sandals and accessories that the African Children’s Choir wear on stage.

Joel himself is a former Choir member, having traveled with Choirs 9 and 11.

“Being an African Children’s Choir member has helped me build my profile. It’s something I proudly speak about to my friends because it helped me discover my artistic talents,” Joel said. “My life revolves around the ACC. They helped me realize my dream, what I am and who I have become.”

Joel is committed to using his talents to inspire the children within the Choir by teaching them how to transform scrap materials into works of art.

“With my art, I believe I will change the world by inspiring the young generations,” he said. “I keep telling the children to use what they have to create what they do not have.” 

In addition to making jewelry and shoes out of repurposed car tires and scrap metal, he also specializes in ceramics, glass works and using natural materials to transform every-day household items, like lampshades into interesting and unique works of art.

We are so proud of Joel and all he has accomplished.


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