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Sponsorship is a long-term, monthly commitment that will have a direct impact on the life of a child, and on the lives of their families and communities. It is an opportunity to develop a one-on-one relationship; to get to know your child and share your love, prayers and financial support to help him or her complete their education.

There are two types of sponsorship through Music for Life:

Child Sponsorship

A happy child at a Music for Life Camp in South Africa

The Child Sponsorship program provides a long-term opportunity to make a difference in the life of an African child who otherwise might not have the chance to receive a quality education.

The program’s current focus is in Uganda, where you can decide to sponsor a needy boy or girl in an age category of your choice.

These children live with their families or caregivers and attend the community schools supported by Music for Life. Their care includes tuition and school fees, school supplies, uniforms and a meal each day until they have completed high school.

The current cost to support a child in a community school is $35 per month, to start sponsoring a child in a community school right now, complete the form below:

Choir Member Sponsorship

Sponsoring a Choir Child is a very special and serious undertaking. You will be helping provide a child with an education and a quality of life, whilst they are with the Choir and on through their developing years.

Members of the African Children’s Choir™ from Uganda receive full care at the African Children’s Choir Primary School, a boarding school in Entebbe. Choir members from other countries attend the best possible schools from their home countries, ensuring that they receive the same level of care as the Ugandan children.

The full cost to support a Choir member is $200 per month. Most children have four sponsors at $50.

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Sponsor a Child

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