Impact(ed) in Adjumani



We’re excited to share an update on what has been accomplished through the outreach programs that you generously gave toward at Christmas.

In early January, a team of five university students from Choir 16, 20 & 21 travelled to Adjumani, a Sudanese refugee camp in Northern Uganda. Accompanied by a mentor, Abraham from Choir 3, the team of ChangeMakers went to serve those living in several refugee settlements. The students played games, sang songs, and taught life skills. They also handed out bibles and taught bible stories. The care provided by the outreach team brought joy to these displaced communities.


But beyond that, this trip encouraged the ongoing development of the young adults on the team. Although each of them came from impoverished backgrounds themselves, they encountered a new severity of poverty in the desperate circumstances of the refugees. The experience left a lasting impact on each team member.

During the trip, the team visited a church and the pastor asked if one of the students would speak to the congregation. Each one in the group nervously resisted, as they had only expected to minister to children and felt unprepared to speak to a group of adults. Finally, Jim asked Joshua to pass him the bible, but when Joshua began to do so, the pastor announced that Joshua would be the one sharing.

Joshua didn’t know what to do, but he was too embarrassed to refuse to speak. He began by praying and then shared a short lesson from the book of Proverbs. Looking back at the situation later, Joshua said that as he spoke, the words just kept coming and he gained confidence. The people in the church grasped the importance of what he shared and found hope in his words.

The next day, Joshua was asked to speak a second time, and again he was amazed and encouraged by the way God used him. Both times that Joshua spoke, people gave their lives to the Lord. And he had found confidence in a gift that he was unaware he had.

“God can use a small message to change the hearts of many,” Joshua said of the experience. “He had taken me there for a much greater purpose than I had expected.”

This is just one of many examples of how the team was strengthened and encouraged by their outreach trip to Adjumani. Years after touring with the African Children’s Choir, these ChangeMakers are continuing to grow into well-rounded leaders. Through the support of our donors, these programs help our students develop a passion for serving those in greatest need.

The vision of Music for Life is to “help Africa’s most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow.” As these young people serve their communities each day, we see the tangible realization of our original vision.

“It makes us proud and it feels very rewarding to see that the children we have raised are now creating a positive change in their communities,” said Abraham, the mentor who travelled with the team.