Introducing the Young Africans…

… in ‘Our African Dream’

They were once children in the Choir, today they are living out their dreams.

The Young Africans are a gifted group of singers, musicians and dancers who were all once a part of the world-renowned African Children’s Choir.

Now 20-22 years old and more talented than ever, they are poised to fulfill their promise and make a difference in their communities back home. As they prepare to enter university they are thrilled to share what God has been doing in their lives and how their African Dreams are becoming a reality through this inspirational tour.


Throughout the performance the Young Africans share various cultural elements from their countries of Kenya and Uganda with a Stomp inspired dance as well as highlighting unique African instruments. Audiences will be inspired and moved as the transformation of once vulnerable children to mature and educated adults unfolds.

We are proud to announce that the Young Africans will be bringing their uplifting show ‘Our African Dream’ to Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, and Ontario between October and February! See dates and venues here.

Join us as we celebrate the achievements and talents of these remarkable young adults, who, in the face of adversity, have risen to become the future ChangeMakers of Africa.

If you would like this talented collective to perform at your local Church, please contact us for more details!

Meet some of the Choir

Vera Anyango, Original member of Choir 22

Vera then

Vera then

Vera now

Vera now

Hi! My name is Vera Anyango from Kisumu Kenya. Both my parents died in close succession leaving me and 4 of my siblings to fend for ourselves. We had a grandmother who was old and could barely take care of us. As fate would have it, she also died of cancer.

I then knew that we really had to figure out life very fast if we were to survive. My siblings and I started burning charcoal as well as digging (gardening) for the people in the village in order to get something to eat. One day, people from the African Children’s Choir came to the local church to help those of us in need and I was selected to join the program.

Since then, I have been assured of an education, as well as other provisions. I have been nurtured physically, emotionally and spiritually which has helped me become the person that I am today – a responsible member of my country and society that is able to objectively contribute to its development. I have graduated from high school and I am going to university to pursue a Diploma in Clincal Medicine to become a Medical Officer. When I get a job, I hope to pass on the values of hard work, integrity and diligence to my co-workers

Timothy Kakuba, Original member of Choir 23

Timothy then

Timothy then

Timothy now

Timothy now

Hello. My name is Timothy Kakuba from Uganda. I have an older brother and a mother. My father died when I was 2 years old and we were left to our jobless mother to take care of us.

Growing up, I remember watching my mother cry. I did not understand everything but even at that young age, I knew my mother was going through a hard time. At school, I did not have friends since I spent more months out of school than in it. Quite often, my mother would have to literally beg the school administration not to chase us from school due to fees defaulting. Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is what kept us going for many years. Then the African Children’s Choir happened. Through the Choir, I got sponsored, I was being provided for in every way and this meant that my mother could be free to concentrate on my brother and stop crying so much.

God blessed me with knowledge in school. I have been a good student throughout my school years and have now finished high school. I am going to pursue a Degree in Land Economics. Using my experiences through travelling with the African Children’s Choir, combining that with the knowledge that I will acquire at University, I hope to be of service in planning and constructing of world class cities and towns in my country.