It’s Cool In The Fire

All of us face trials and difficulties in our lives. When we face them knowing our God is with us, we emerge stronger in faith and courage. When we face them with our brothers and sisters, we emerge refined and unified. We build community and then others look in wonder.

During each term break we have the opportunity to bring groups of our secondary students together for camp. Camp reminds our students that they are loved, and cared for and that Music for Life is here to help them realize their dreams. In May, we gathered forty-nine of our senior two and senior three members at our new Empower International Academy campus in Uganda. The four day camp focused on the theme “It’s Cool in the Fire,” drawn from Daniel 3:16-28. Through this theme students were encouraged to stay calm amidst life’s difficult trials.

It’s an important theme and lesson, especially for teens as they face many of the temptations around them and begin to formulate the identities they’ll carry into adulthood. Camp allows our students to reunite with tour mates and seek counsel from their aunties and uncles who have emerge from their own trials and difficulties with much wisdom and experience to share. It is an encouraging time in a safe and loving environment. Camp is also a lot of fun!

All of the students and our entire organization are grateful to the sponsors who have partnered with Music for Life to make these important camps a reality and please join us in prayer for secondary students as the return to school. Enjoy this short video from Patricia from Choir 39 and the many fun photos from camp.