Leaders at ACCPS

Every year, the children at the African Children’s Choir Primary School are given an opportunity to grow through leadership roles and responsibilities.

The school’s prefectorial body is the number one platform that enables the students practice and learn leadership skills.

Last week, before the term came to a close, the students held a fair campaign that allowed each one of them express their views on why they believe they are the best candidate for the contested posts.

The posts contested for were Time Keeper and Assistant Time Keeper’, Classroom Prefects, Head Girl and Head Boy, Sanitary Prefects and Dormitory Captains.

Most of the contestants had a few ideas in common, which were to be fair, hardworking and to help the students become responsible and better students academically. 

Elections were held shortly after that.

Check out the campaign picture highlights, as we wait for the next term when winners will be announced.

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