Meet The Team

Behind the talent and enthusiasm of the Choir children are a team of dedicated ACC leaders. The ACC team works hard to look after the children and make the tours, and the supported Music for Life projects in Africa, a success. The leadership team has worked together for many decades and consider each other family.

Rheanne Lechkobit

Chief Operations Director

For the last 20 years, Rheanne has been instrumental in building the financial and administrational strength of Music For Life’s operations. She oversees timely coordination with field operations and serves as the executive international team leader.

Has been with MFL since childhood.

Julia Barnett Tracy

Chief Creative Officer

Julia leads touring, marketing and fundraising, as well as the artistic aspects of writing and producing new albums and touring shows. Julia created and produces Music For Life’s annual galas in NYC and Austin, one of the organization’s largest sources of donations to fund its programs.

Has been with MFL for 28 years.

Sally France

East African Operations Director

Sally has spent most of her life living and operating in Africa. She has served as Music For Life’s Africa Director for over two decades where she is responsible for overseeing the organization’s projects and programs.

Has been with MFL for 38 years.

Mwai Githingi

Kenyan Director

Mwai has been with Music For Life for over two decades. He is a born leader and inspiring spokesperson for Music For Life. He has served as Kenyan Director for over a decade where he manages Kenyan operations and programs.

Has been with MFL for 25 years.

Abraham Kiyingi

Uganda Programs Director

Abraham is the Ugandan Director and Rwandan Programs Coordinator, where he oversees the leadership and management of Music For Life’s programs in Uganda and Rwanda. He is also a speaker and hosts of a TV show.

Former Member of Choir #3.

Barbara Serunjogi

Director of Choir Training, Uganda

Barbara has filled many roles over the years, both touring as a chaperone and leading special tours. She currently heads Choir Operations in Uganda, including program production, vocal & music training, costume design and merchandising.

Former Member of Choir #3.

Barnett Twesigomwe

Programs Director, Uganda

Barnett is the program coordinator with children both before and after tour. He also manages our MFL outreach in urban areas, engaging our youth as volunteers where they make an impact in vulnerable communities together.

Former Member of Choir #5.

Sylvia Callister

UK Business Manager

Sylvia joined Music for Life in 1999. Her role with Music for Life UK has included preparing for African Children’s Choir UK tours and overseeing choir children as they complete their education in South Africa.

Has been with MFL for 22 years.