MFL Development Center Update

Child from Music for Life Literacy Centre

Child from our Music for Life Literacy Center

Our mission to help the vulnerable children of Africa goes beyond supporting and educating the children of the Choir program. We have also established various relief and education projects across the continent that help 1,000’s of suffering children every year.

Projects such as our Music for Life Centers, which operate across Uganda and Kenya, offering in-need children a place to go once a week after school to receive life skills training, dance and music lessons, and most importantly for some, a meal or snack. For many of these children Music for Life Centers, which cater for up to 50 children per week, offer a safe environment for them to escape to, to just be children.

We are extremely proud of the support our centers offer local children, but we would like to do more…

For children fortunate enough to receive a primary school education, many arrive with little or no basic skills or ability in numeracy or literacy, making concentration and progression difficult.

We would like to tackle this by introducing Music for Life Development Centers, focused on preparing children for primary education by offering the most vulnerable children of Africa the opportunity of a pre-school education. With this social and educational advantage children will be more likely to succeed at primary school, giving them a better chance at their higher education and beyond.

Writing numbers at Music for Life literacy centre

Writing numbers at the Music for Life Literacy Center

As with our established Music for Life Centers the development centers will offer children a warm, encouraging and friendly environment in which they can play, learn and explore whilst receiving a quality pre-school education  – a place where they can escape their lives surrounded by hardship, AIDS and suffering.

Singing Lesson Music for Life Literacy Centre

Singing lesson

The first Music for Life Development Center opened on August 13th 2012 in Refengkgotso, South Africa, with 20 children aged between 4-6 years in attendance for daily lessons.

Since starting at the center, the children are now able to name the parts of the body, count to 20, follow simple instructions, identify simple pictures and shapes, say the days of the week and the months of the year, say the Lord’s Prayer and sing several songs, all in English – a vast improvement for a group of children who arrived with no basic learning of any literacy or numeracy.

The children are provided with a meal at the center as well as the skills needed to give them the best start to their state education, both academically and socially.

We would like to create more Music for Life Development Centers across Africa. With your help, we can emulate the same success of our Music for Life Centers but for pre-school aged children, giving them the start they deserve to become ChangeMakers for the future of Africa.

If you would like to help support us with this Music for Life Development Center and our other relief and education projects across Africa please donate today.