Meet Choir 50!

Meet Choir 50!

May 15th, 2019

As the children and chaperones of Choir 50 make their final preparations before tour, we’d like to introduce you to some of the talented boys and girls who will be bringing joy across North America this summer!


Christine is 10 years old and lives with her parents and sibling in Uganda. She is most looking forward to the host family experience while on tour! She loves to meet new people and dreams of becoming a Bank Manager when she grows up.

Favorite subject: Mathematics
Favorite food: Chicken and French Fries
Favorite game: Volleyball


David is 10 years old and has many siblings. He lives in Uganda with his parents, who are both church ministers. When David grows up, he hopes to become a Doctor!

Favorite book: The Lion King
Favorite subject: Science
Favorite Food: Chicken


Emmanuel is 9 years old and lives with his parents and five siblings in Uganda. He dreams of becoming a Pilot when he grows up and can’t wait to share stories about Africa with all the new people he meets while on tour.

Favorite food: Chicken and French fries
Favorite game: Capture the flag
Favorite subject: Social studies


9 year-old Sarah lives with her paternal aunt and five siblings in Mityana, Uganda, whilst her father works as a taxi driver and her mother as a farmer. Her favorite part of being in the Choir is doing devotions where they sing and learn about God.

Sarah one day hopes to become a Nurse so she can treat sick people. She is looking forward to meeting new people on tour, making new friends and leaning about different cultures.

Favorite Subject: English Language
Favorite Book: Peter And Jane
Favorite Colour: Red


7-year-old Shield lives in the rural area of Kabale, Uganda with her mother, father and two siblings. Shield likes to help her mother with washing dishes and fetching water from the well whilst her father works as a taxi driver.

Shield is looking forward to seeing different countries when on tour and to experience new things. Her favorite thing about being in the Choir is having her education paid for, as she hopes to one day become a Nurse so she can look after her family and other sick people.

Favorite Book: Story of Baby Jesus
Favorite Colour: White
Favorite Food: Rice and Meat


9 year old Sylvester lives with his mother, who is a hairdresser, and his two younger brothers in Uganda. He dreams of becoming a Music Teacher and looks forward to meeting new people and performing in different places while on tour.

Favorite food: Sweet potatoes
Favorite subject: Social studies
Favorite game: Soccer


Treasure is 8 years old and hopes to become a Church Minister when he grows up. He lives in Uganda with his parents and seven siblings. His Father serves in Church as a Pianist and his mother is a school secretary.

Favorite book: Super Fly Guy
Favorite subject: Social Studies
Favorite food: Green plantain and chicken


8-year-old Blessing also comes from Kabale, where he lives with his three siblings and his mother who sells fruit to try and make a living.

Blessing is looking forward to making new friends and visiting different places – he would like to be a Pilot. Blessing loves the devotions and the reading culture that the Choir has instilled in him and is grateful that the school has a better learning environment with enough textbooks for him to study and excel.

Favorite Animal/Pet: Monkeys
Favorite Game: Playing with toys
Favorite Activity: Reading and playing

Sandra Miracle

8-year-old Sandra lives with her family in Western Uganda. Her father makes a living washing cars whilst her mother is a chef at a small restaurant.

Sandra is thankful for the three-meals-a-day she receives at Choir training and is excited to tour so she can visit zoos, form new friendships and learn how to speak English fluently.

When she grows-up, Sandra would like to be an Engineer, working on airplanes.

Favorite Game: Football and Volleyball
Favorite Animal/Pet: Buffalos
Favorite Activity: Playing games and helping out with chores


Linnet is one of four children, her parents sell goods to make a living for them all in the Kabale district of Uganda.

Linnet enjoys being part of the Choir because of the care they receive at the African Children’s Choir Primary School. She loves studying and hopes to become a Teacher.

On tour she is excited to see animals, such as cats and dogs, and is looking forward to making international friendships.

Favorite Subject: Mathematics
Favorite Book: We Have Fun
Favorite Colour: White


James is nine and lives with his single mother who sells vegetables so she can care for her five children in the Kampala district of Uganda.

James wants to become a Pilot and he is excited to see big airports and airplanes on tour. He loves being part of the Choir as he enjoys learning how to sing and dance.

Favorite Animal/Pet: Cow
Favorite Game: Likes to play Football
Favorite Activity: Playing football and eating. He also enjoys skipping rope


Nine-year-old Blessing lives with her mother, father and four siblings in the Kabale District of Uganda. There, her mother and father work long hours to try to provide for their children, selling pots and assisting in a shop.

Blessing is looking forward to performing to people on tour, she loves to sing! She is hoping that tour will allow her to learn how to speak English fluently.

With dreams of becoming a Nurse, Blessing is really enjoying her time at the Choir academy, and is most grateful to have a bed of her very own.

Favorite Animal/Pet: Goats
Favorite Game: Football/ Soccer
Favorite Activity: Reading books. Doing housework and Making friends


As one of six children, Jacob’s parents work hard helping fix cars and tending a shop so they can care for them the best they can.

Jacob’s dream for the future is to become a Cardiologist. He is looking forward to discovering new cultures and visiting new cities. He feels that joining the Choir has allowed him to make a new, loving family.

Favorite Subject: Science
Favorite Book: The Story Bible
Favorite Colour: Blue


Eight- year-old Allan is one of three children living with his parents in Mityana, Uganda. He would like to become a Mathematics Teacher.

Allan loves his new Choir family and has really enjoyed his stay at the Choir Training Facility as it has “better facilities like the beds and study environment”. Looking towards tour, Allan is excited to learn how to swim and to visit parks where he can play.

Favorite Subject: Mathematics
Favorite Book: Peter and Jane
Favorite Colour: White


Anisha lives with her family in the area of Kabale, Uganda. She dreams of becoming a Doctor.

At the Choir Training Academy, Anisha has enjoyed the care and education that has been provided to her for free and is looking forward to visiting parks and meeting new people when on tour.

Favorite Animal/Pet: Cow
Favorite Game: Football
Favorite Activity: playing games and making friends


Evanis is the eldest, at ten-years-old. He’s mother and father struggle to find work so he lives with his uncle in Kampala. He is one of five children.

Evanos is really excited to experience his first flight – as he would like to become a Pilot. He is so grateful for the Choir for providing him with a free education.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti and Meat
Favorite Animal/Pet: Turkey
Favorite Game: Football

All of Choir 50 are extremely excited to meet you and preform for you. Find out where you can see them in concert here.

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