Meet Grace

Meet Grace. Grace toured with Choir 19 when she was eight, and then again as a young adult with Ubuntu Africa Choir.

African Children’s Choir 19

Grace performing with the Ubuntu Choir

Grace graduated from university in January 2016 with a degree in social work and social sciences.

A natural leader, Grace was selected to intern in South Africa with our African Odyssey Leadership Program upon graduating from University. Today she serves as our Music for Life (MFL) Outreach Program Coordinator.

Grace is passionate about children and committed to bringing hope, joy, and inspiration to some of Uganda’s most impoverished kids through our MFL Outreach Programs.

Grace leads activities at a Music for Life Centre

One of her favorite programs is our Primary School Outreach Program, whereby we work in partnership with some of Kenya and Uganda’s most impoverished schools to bring hope, fun, and purpose to the lives of hundreds of children each week. The programs are run by our university students who are paired with children to serve as mentors who counsel, guide and challenge the kids to achieve their potential and stay focused on their dreams.

“Working with children in destitute areas reminds me of the similar background we all share,” Grace said. “I’m constantly reminded of how I’ve been blessed and inspired to continue giving back as much as possible.”

When she’s not running our outreach programs, you might find Grace working in her piggery, a business she started as an additional source of income upon graduating from our entrepreneur training program.

Through her work with children and her business, Grace is breathing life back into some of the poorest communities in Uganda and earning enough money to take care of herself and several family members.