Meet two of our newest members

Choir 44 have just kicked off their tour. Find out where you can catch one of their vibrant shows here. 

When you see their smiling faces on that stage, and hear their angelic voices, it is easy to forget that just months before these children where back at home enduring the daily hardship of living in poverty within some of the most in-need areas of Africa.

We’d like to introduce you to Vicent and Julliat who are on tour with Choir 44 right now…

Julliat standing outside her home with father and brother

Julliat standing outside her home with father and sister.

Julliat is 8 years old, she has six brothers and sisters and lives with her mother and father. Home to Julliat and her family is one room, no bigger than your single garage. During the day the space is a living room, come night that same space has to become a bedroom – for nine people!

Her mother and father’s limited incomes often fail to provide more than one meal for Julliat and her siblings per day. Can you imagine how hard it must be to live off one meal a day, and at just 8 years old?



Vicent and older brother standing outside their home in Kasubi

Vicent and his older brother standing outside their home in Kasubi.

Vicent home

Vicent’s home. One door per family.





Vicent is 9 years old, his mother, Grace, works hard to provide what she can for Vicent and his three siblings. She has no choice but to work long hours selling second hand clothes. Grace is alone in her efforts to care for her children, Vicent’s father died four years ago. She does all she can to provide, but alone Grace struggles. Food or education, a choice no mother should ever have to make.

Now on tour, Vicent is receiving a quality education from our qualified tutors and he looks forward to returning to Uganda where he will attend the African Children’s Choir Primary School for the rest of his primary education. A welcome relief to his mother, as she now knows that Vicent will have a bright future thanks to the sponsorship and support of the African Children’s Choir Program.

To see Julliat and Vicent in concert click here

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