Music for Life Center Kenya

Music for Life Centers are small community based projects that MFL undertake with the need to aid the children who are unable to join the African Children’s Choir.

These centers take place in selected Ugandan and Kenyan primary schools, centered in slum areas.

In Kenya, the Music for Life Center commenced in 2008.  Jerusha Loonkosho, a former member of the African Children’s Choir heads the project.

Kibera slum of Kenya is where Music For Life runs a center of about 90 children, with the help of some African Children’s Choir volunteers, once a week.

Music, dance, life skills and play time are some of the activities the young ones take on.

This year, Music for Life blessed these little ones with Christmas gifts of blankets. And for the best students, it awarded notebooks and pencils.

Please enjoy these images of the children receiving their gifts.

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For ways in which you can help support Music for Life projects such as this, please visit our How to Help page.