A New Dream for the Next Generation

Widespread poverty, devastating diseases, crumbling infrastructure, tribal tensions, crippling corruption, hunger…. So many of the issues we associate with poverty stem from the lack of one simple human right we often take for granted – a quality education.

The kind of education that empowers graduates to compete for jobs that pay living wages.

The kind of education that teaches students how to think critically, so they can come up with creative, innovative solutions to their own problems.

The kind of education that offers the knowledge and skills graduates need to bring positive, lasting social and economic improvements to their own communities and countries.

An education built on a strong Christian foundation and dedicated to helping students develop their God-given potential.

In 2008, with the support of partners like you, Music for Life opened the ACC Primary School, a Christian primary school offering one of the most comprehensive and innovative educational experiences in Uganda.

Today, we want to extend this level of education (and the possibilities that come with it) to secondary students in Uganda.

Introducing our next big initiative: Empower International Academy.

After many years of planning, designing, building and much prayer, our dream of opening an international Christian secondary school is on the verge of becoming a reality.

We recently broke ground on the 10-acre campus that will initially accommodate 150 students and up-and-coming ChangeMakers.

We have also completed architectural plans, two sustainable clean water sources, and USD $750,000 in grant money awarded by USAID.

Now we’re ready to begin the construction phase of both the school’s buildings and its innovative, international curriculum.

Our vision for Empower International Academy (EIA) is to ensure our secondary (middle and high school) students continue to receive a high standard of education along with mentoring, leadership and discipleship programs that will shape them into the ChangeMakers that Africa so desperately needs.

Empower International Academy isn’t just another secondary school building project. It’s a major initiative intended to fuel a shift toward a globally competitive education system for youth in Uganda.

Over the next year, we’ll be sharing updates with you on the progress of this massive project that we believe will have a tremendous, lasting impact on our students, the community it’s located in and God’s Kingdom.

You can learn more about the project here.