Outreach Leader: Victoria

“Becoming a mentor to someone that’s younger is not an easy task. First, I’d say that as a young adult that’s still figuring out a lot about life, you always have your hands full. Again, it’s one huge responsibility that tests one’s capability to guide another individual,” says Victoria.

Victoria is one of the Music for Life Outreach Leaders. In 2015, she took on the role of being a mentor to four secondary school students, who are all former members of the African Children’s Choir.

Just like them, Victoria also toured with the African Children’s Choir and she’s currently in the process of completing her degree in Accounting and Finance at Kyambogo University, in Kampala.

During her experience as a mentor for the last four years, this is what Victoria has to say:

“When I started out as a mentor, there were a lot of things I had to do to get my mentees to trust and bond with me. It wasn’t just a walk in the park. But, they eventually came to love and trust me.

We finally reached a level of openness where even during my visit to their homes and different schools, they would share some of their deepest moments with me.

I also loved the fact that their parents got to know me personally and since then, we have closely work together to see to it that their children make progress, both academically and spiritually.

Victoria receiving her Mentorship certification from the Music for Life team.

My mentees have been Rebecca, Viola, Peace and Patience. They have truly made my experience as a mentor very enjoyable. During our time together, we have set goals and they have worked tirelessly to achieve them and make me proud. Through sharing similar experiences, I was able to help them overcome some of their biggest challenges.  I am very thankful for that.

I remember at their age, I never had a committed mentor like they do. But I had my Choir aunties and uncles to look up to because they believed in me. It was them that I was accountable to and it helped me achieve so much. I feel that these students are more than lucky to have someone who can guide them through decision-making and more.

Next year, I will be graduating from University, and even though the program is getting new mentors for my girls, I hope to continue supporting them where I can.  

I’m proud to say that they are using every opportunity they have been given at their various schools by taking part in leadership and music programs and they are also performing well academically.

The only challenge I faced at the start was gaining the trust of the parents since most of them did not understand what mentorship was all about. However, we’ve managed to move past that block and all has been well.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Music For Life for the gift of mentorship. As a program, it not only motivates the students but it also goes on to elevate them academically and emotionally. In the past, I’ve seen most of the students come up to me with personal problems that in the end, Music for Life has helped address.

Personally, I’ve used mentorship to improve my own life through goal setting. It also has an element of hope in it, which I will continue to use to help others out there.”

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