ACCPS P7 Results

Once again, P7 students at the African Children’s Choir Primary School, in Entebbe Uganda, have recorded outstanding results in their national school-leaving exams!

Twenty-nine students wrote the exams in November. Competition is fierce as students compete for top results to enter good secondary schools.

Marking takes a long time as there are over 10,000 exam centers in Uganda where multiple schools can write at each exam center. Graders are kept in an enclosed facility and are even required to give up their phones during the 3 – 4 week marking period.

There are a total of four main divisions that begin at the top with one and work down to division four. National schools results are based on the percentage of division one grades.

Of the 29 ACCPS children who wrote the exam 24 achieved a first-class pass. These are excellent results by any measure, however, they are made so much more outstanding when one considers the adverse family situations that these children come from as well as the relatively late academic start they had before they were admitted into the African Children’s Choir program.

Please continue to pray for these children as they enter secondary school and start a new chapter of their lives that will present them with new challenges to overcome.