Postcard from the road… Choir 39

From a Vacation Bible School to a visit to Google, Choir 39 have had an exciting time on tour recently. Find out more from their postcard…

Nina African Children's Choir

Nina holding flowers from Mothers Day Event

It’s great to be a Lady…
While visiting Topeka, KS the girls of Choir 39 were invited to an all ladies banquet to celebrate Mother’s Day. The night consisted of men from the church serving an eloquent dinner and concluded with learning how to make flower arrangements. Nina (9) was chosen to make her very own bouquet, and we all enjoyed the finished product as it added some color to our bus for a while!

We are Pumped
A few weeks ago we took the children to “Pump It Up”! The children walked into the building and were thrilled to see the giant colorful bouncy castles that filled the building. Playtime Heaven! The boys couldn’t wait to race each other through the obstacle courses to prove who was the fastest. Not needing to be quite as competitive as the boys, the girls twirled and danced around in the bounce houses. Aunties and Uncles joined in the fun and raced and danced along with them! Needless to say, we were all “PUMPED”.




Backyard Melodies
Texas decided to be pleasantly cool for our backyard performance in Austin. The children had a chance to mingle with all the visitors before their performance, and had so much fun doing so! They shared exciting stories of tour and funny memories from home. When it was time to watch the children’s concert, everyone gathered around in the backyard to hear the beautiful sound of singing while in the wonderful scenery of a garden! Performing outside in someone’s yard is a memory no one will forget!


african children's choir

Ready for their backyard performance

Google Field Trip
Children often ask questions that we have no idea the answers to. Well, on one particular day in recent history, the sky was the limit. When in Austin, Texas, Google Fiber invited us to come take a tour of their facility to learn how the internet works. The children got to put on 3D glasses and take a tour around any part of the world that they chose using “Google Earth”. We traveled from New Orleans and New York City all the way to their home town in Kampala, Uganda. This thrilled them as they got to see sites that were familiar to them and also ones that were new! The workers at Google Fiber also taught us who gets all the information we see when we ask the internet questions. The children were amazed that by one press of a button, we can get the answer to almost any question you can think of!

African Children's Choir at Google

Visit to Google

Tis the Season
Summer has arrived again at last! Do you know what that means? Our favorite thing in America… SWIMMING! Now that the heat has returned to us, host families often arrange pool parties for our choir family. The last few pool parties have been especially wonderful. The children are good enough swimmers now that they are trying new things with every opportunity they get! For the first time, they started braving the big jump off of the diving board! John Grace (9) has become one of the best divers there is, Richard (11) can do funky twists into the water and Allan Dan (10) jumps with high expectations but ends up doing a belly flop every time!

Vacation Bible School
A week in Katy, Texas gave the children an amazing opportunity to connect with a large group of children from that area during a Vacation Bible School lead by Choir 39. Every day for five days that week the Choir children got to share about their own Ugandan culture through games, dancing and singing. The children attending VBS were fascinated not only to learn about people who come from a place so different than them, but especially to get to interact with and ask questions to the children right in front of them! It was such a fantastic way to learn how wonderfully different God creates each person, and also to be reminded that His love is the same- no matter where you come from!

Small Church and Sand Volleyball
Immanuel Lutheran Church in Springfield MO was among the favorite stops for the Choir 39 this past month. Normal Sunday morning attendance there is 20, and when our Choir visited, there ended up being more of us in the group than them! They blessed us and ministered to us, regardless. Uncle Vic, especially was blessed to have deep and meaningful conversations with quite a number of their small congregation. As for the Choir kiddos, the church’s sand volleyball court was a shrieking, giggling hit with the girls, while the boys batted a soccer ball about a field shaded by an enormous tree.

Fourth of July- Take Two
Choir 39 had a chance to celebrate 4th of July a few days early this year in West Memphis Arkansas. The fireworks were great, and the kids couldn’t help shouting and cheering!! Before the fireworks started, they had lots of questions about the first and brightest stars in the sky, and even about the planets emerging from the dusk!

4th of July Fireworks African Children's Choir

4th of July Fireworks!

Inspiration of the month…

Joy in the Storm
As most of you can recall, many places in the states were hit with tragedy as tornados swept through Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. One of our concerts fell on a night in Stillwater, OK where warnings of tornados were coming in abruptly. All the children and the audience were brought down into the churches basement to wait out the storm that was coming. You would have thought that we were at a party, given the joy that came from the room filled with people, though the storm outside was ugly. Some wonderful people from the church had everyone laughing by their stories, dancing to songs and teaching us new games to play! We all became so distracted that we almost forgot there was a dangerous storm looming outside.

Ultimately, we were so blessed that the tornado passed and we were untouched. Then again, we actually were touched. But instead of fear, we found ourselves touched by the joy of knowing the safety found in the arms of our Father, and the in fellowship of close friends, even friends met that very night.

Quote of the month…

“Auntie, if Adam is called the father of all men did he have sons of two different colors?”-Patience, age 10

Photo of the month…

African Children's Choir - thankful

All the things we are thankful for

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Be Blessed,
From Auntie Mel and Uncle Vic and the rest of Choir 39