Postcard from the road

As the summer comes to a close and Choir 39 is wrapping up their tour here in the US, we couldn’t resist doing a double feature of both Choirs 39 and Choir 40 to let you know all that has been going on with these incredible teams, and to send Choir 39 off with a fond farewell.

The two Choirs had the chance to meet up at our very own home-base, known as the Mirembe House, in early July. They were thrilled to see each other, and we even celebrated two different sibling reunions!

Choir 39 and Choir 40 together

Choir 39 and Choir 40 together

As they parted ways, each of the teams have had incredible experiences of their own the past few months; here are just a few of the highlights:

Choir 39

Singing the anthem at the Braves game.

Singing the anthem at the Braves game.Choir 39Choir 39

From recording music in Nashville, to singing the national Anthem at the Atlanta Braves game on July 26th, Choir 39 had a very exciting July and August.

Experiencing the wonder of Disney World

One of the highlights of the team’s last few months in America was a visit to Magic Kingdom and a chance to explore the wonder of Walt Disney World. The whole team would like to give a huge collective “”thank you!” to both the Friends of Mirembe crew in Raleigh, North Carolina and to a number of generous host families who funded this trip to make it a possibility. The team loved the whole visit to the park, especially the water ride, Splash Mountain,and the thrilling roller coaster ride through the dark on Space Mountain.

In front of the Cinderella's Castle in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

In front of the Cinderella’s Castle in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

What a ride!
35 States and 1 Canadian Province later, the team has completed their tour in North America and will have a brief tour in the United Kingdom before our students return to the African Children’s Choir Primary School in Uganda. Please join us in praying for the safe travel of the team.

Choir 40

Tubing with host families

Tubing with host families

Choir 40 has really enjoyed the summertime in the Southeast. They’ve been very encouraged to have outstanding turnouts at their concerts in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia and beyond. They have loved experiencing American past times, such as barbeques, pool parties, and even a chance to go water tubing!

On the Air and in the News!
Choir 40 has been very honored to have had a fair amount of media attention on news stations this past few months. From an interview on Fox News in Washington DC, to a performance on My Carolina Today, to a news feature on a Charlotte news station, we could not be more excited for the opportunity to tell an increasingly wider audience about the work of the African Children’s Choir and the many lives that are being forever impacted by our programs.

We think you’ll enjoy this video from a news highlight from our August 14th concert at Central United Methodist Church: WSOCTV

One Voice
We were especially excited to record with Mitch Ham of the Lord’s Table in Goldsboro, NC for a worldwide documentary and recording piece he is creating called OneVoice Worship. The documentary was inspired by Romans 15:6 “Then all of you can join together with one voice, giving praise and glory to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” and will also include the voices of children from countries such as Haiti, Nepal, the Dominican Republic, and Greece.

Youth and Wisdom:
One of the Choir’s favorite performances lately was for a group of residents at Lucy Corr Village, an assisted living community of elderly adults who were thrilled to pieces to see the Choir. They couldn’t get enough of the drum-playing and enthusiastic dancing. The icing on the cake, however was the Choir’s a capella version of Amazing Grace, which brought tears to their eyes. Following the performance, the children had some time to walk around and give the residents hugs and spend time with them, if only you could have seen their eyes light up! In Uganda, the elderly are held in extremely high esteem, so our children were honored to perform for and spend time with such a captive, loving audience with many years of wisdom to offer.

Maggie recording a solo for OneVoice Worship

Maggie recording a solo for OneVoice Worship

Mackline spends a precious moment with a resident of Lucy Corr Village

Mackline spends time with a resident of Lucy Corr Village

Finally- Choir 40 has recorded a special “Goodbye Song” tribute to Choir 39. Get your tissues ready!

Now it’s time for us to say, “Good-bye for just a while”,
So until we meet again, may God’s love make you smile…

We’ll be friends forever, Jesus and you and me,
He’s tied our hearts together and friends we’ll always be.

“If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.” –Psalm 139:9-10

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We couldn’t end this Postcard edition without a shout-out to the Chaperones from both Choirs 39 and 40. These guys are the ones who make it all happen. They have said “yes” to the calling to volunteer 12+ months of their lives, being on-call teachers, parents, mentors, and pastors to the 20 or so children on their tours with them, and we simply couldn’t have our tours without them. We love you Chaps!

Have you felt a nudge to consider being a chaperone on one of our tours? Find out more here.

If you want to sponsor one of our Choir children, you can be a part of their life for years to come. Find out how here.