About the African Children’s Choir

Since 1984, the Choir has performed thousands of concerts around the world. The children are between the ages of 7-11 years old and are selected from areas of extreme poverty in Uganda. The African Children’s Choir tours the world serving as ambassadors to represent the beauty, joy, dignity and potential of African children. Over 50 Choirs have been formed and the children have all gone on to have their education sponsored up to the university level. We are so proud that many children have gone on to become professions that give back to their communities – from Doctors and Nurses to Teachers and Engineers.

The African Children’s Choir’s recent studio album, “Just As I Am,” was released in the fall of 2018 and includes a selection of notable hymns performed with African instruments and arrangements. The album also includes traditional African hymnals that are weaved into a playlist that takes listeners on spiritual and cultural journey. The Choir is currently touring North America performing these songs along with an immersive video experience that transports audiences to the Children’s homeland of Uganda and follows a young African girl as she strives to help a friend in need.

“…My wife (Luciana) was crying just watching these kids because they were so happy.”

-Matt Damon

African Children’s Choir is a program run by the non-profit organization Music for Life Institute and offices in Canada, the UK and USA. Since its inception, Music for Life has supported over 1,300 children through the African Children’s Choir program, the choir children serve as ambassadors of hope spreading a message of beauty, dignity and the unlimited potential of African children. Over the years, the African Children’s Choir has helped to support the education of over 52,000 children and allowed Music for Life to help over 100,000 people in areas of conflict and crisis.

Introducing the African Children’s Choir
Helping Africa’s most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa tomorrow!

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