Empower International Academy

Africa’s future depends on the next generation of Christian leaders, yet across East Africa, able and talented young people do not have access to a quality education. Those who are fortunate enough to attend secondary school receive a substandard education due to the lack of resources, poor teaching methods, and outdated curriculum.

We are currently building a secondary school that will offer the highest standard education, mentorship, discipleship and character development. We believe this is the best investment we can make to create exponential positive change in the lives of individuals, families, communities and countries.

At full capacity, Empower International Academy will serve approximately 400 students. Our goal is to offer placement for 200 sponsored students from economically disadvantaged circumstances with the remaining places going to our African Children’s Choir students.

Empower Classroom

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Lydia Serwood
presto.is@gmail.com | 360.733.2149