Outreach Programs

In the slums of Africa, children live with the harsh realities of extreme poverty every day.

They often live with one parent who struggles constantly to find one meal a day and money for school fees. Their homes are small shacks nestled tightly together with no running water, electricity or sanitation services.

They’re surrounded by thousands of people who’ve turned to lives of crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and prostitution to deal with high unemployment rates and the pervading sense of hopelessness.

At school, hundreds of children are crammed into a single classroom lacking supplies, desks and qualified teachers. Most people don’t have access to clean water or basic healthcare, which leads to the proliferation of disease.

Music for Life is committed to breaking this cycle of poverty by providing mentorship and discipleship to children living in these areas through our outreach programs.

Each week, groups of talented and committed university students meet these children where they are. Our Music for Life Outreach teams are made up of young adults who once traveled with the African Children’s Choir. They used to live in these slums and they understand how difficult daily life can be for these children.

The teams come to the children’s school with a filling snack and spend two hours teaching the children how to express themselves through music. They also teach the children essential health and hygiene practices, spend one-on-one time mentoring them and get involved in their lives, families and communities. Our outreach teams meet children in 14 different locations and reach 550 new children each year across Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

Most importantly, our Music for Life Outreach teams teach the children about the love, grace, and hope of our savior, Jesus Christ. Their spirits rise and their faith takes hold as they see a glimpse of God’s love.

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