Primary 7 make the grade

Our primary 7 class, made up of children who toured with Choir’s 29 through to 32, took their primary leaving exams recently and the results are in…

African Children's Choir Primary 7

Primary 7

We are delighted to announce that out of 31 students, 26 achieved a division 1 (the highest out of 4 levels) with 5 obtaining very high level 2’s.

The class, who since returning from their tours have studied at the African Children’s Choir Primary School in Entebbe, Uganda, includes Marvin, who was just 1 point off a perfect score and Nelson and David who were close behind, only missing out on full marks by 2 points.

The results from this national exam are of huge importance as they will determine which secondary schools the children will go on to, with the best schools only accepting those with the highest grades, making for stiff competition.

The exam covered Math, English, Social Studies and Sciences and is hailed as a tough challenge with some questions paralleling the difficulty of western high school qualifications.

We are so proud of how hard this class has worked to achieve these high standards, and want to thank all of the teaching staff involved for their continued effort and support.

And it’s not just Primary 7’s outstanding academic achievements that have recently seen them receive high praise.

In the true African Children’s Choir spirit of ‘making a difference’ the children put their time waiting for their exam results to good use by working to improve the school’s and community’s resources.

The children painted dorms, sanded windows and dug a garden at the primary school, allowing for the school to grow fresh onions and tomatoes of their own.

African Children's Choir Primary 7, painting

Primary 7 painting

They also assisted in clearing out a local well used by the entire community.

Barnett, one of our leaders who mentor the children said of this task “the local councillor was so pleased and said the children set a very good example. No other school in the area has ever helped out the community in such a way.”

Primary 7 helping in the garden

Primary 7 helping in the garden

We are delighted to see that our past choir children are not only excelling in their education but are actively making a difference in their local community – carrying forward our vision of helping Africa’s most vulnerable children today so they can help Africa tomorrow.

Primary 7 are a shining example of how the African Children’s Choir truly transforms the lives of children who, without the program, were unlikely to get an education at all, let alone achieve top grades to go onto the best secondary schools in the country.

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Congratulations Primary 7 on all your hard work!