Just As I Am

Just As I Am is a journey into the past with glimpses into the future. By combining traditional hymns with African cultural sounds, the choir joyfully shares their hope in God’s faithfulness. Each song encourages us to know that we are made for a purpose and that God loves us and wants us to come to him… Just as we are.

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Worship should always begin in our hearts and in our lives….so that when we add melodies, rhythms, voices and sounds, our songs authentically resonate with the reality of just how good our God truly is. Recorded over ten days in a makeshift studio at the African Children’s Choir Primary School in Uganda we trust you also experience worship rising from deep hope and unshakable faith.

Also available as a digital download…

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Fund a five-day outreach project

$3000 will fund a five-day outreach trip for our university students to bring supplies to an area of extreme need.

Costs for 1 month project

$500 will cover the cost of running one of our community outreach programs for one entire month.

Transportation costs

$200 will fund the transportation costs for one month, allowing our university students to reach our 7 weekly community outreach programs.

Fruit and juice for 70 children

$50 will enable our university students to distribute a piece of fruit and a nutritious juice pack to approximately 70 children.


This truly unique collection of Christmas songs makes the perfect gift for your loved ones, or pre-Christmas treat for yourself to enjoy as you prepare for the festivities. Bringing together the mature sound of our ‘Young Voices’ group, all past African Children’s Choir® members who are now studying at University, with the energetic voices of the African Children’s Choir, ‘Emmanuel’ will bring the magical sound of Africa to your home this Christmas.

Also available as a digital download…

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Medical Needs

All the children in our care have their routine, and sometimes even emergency, medical needs taken care of. A donation of $1,000 allows us to cover the costs of this care for all our children for a month.

Life Skills Seminar

Your $250 donation will allow us to hold a one-day seminar with an invited expert, to teach our older students vital life-skills. Seminars in CV writing, leadership, mentoring and careers advice equip our young adults with the tools they need to go out into the world of work and succeed.

Technology Support

We desperately need technology support for staff and students across all of Music for Life’s projects and programs. Your $50 donation will go towards new technology equipment, giving them the confidence and skill-sets they’ll require when looking for jobs after their education.

We also gratefully receive donations of unused laptops or computers of 18mos. or newer. Please contact us to arrange delivery.

Basic Necessities

The children we care for at the African Children’s Choir Primary School arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. We provide shoes, clothing and hygiene items to ensure they have the basic necessities needed to grow and prosper. Your $100 donation will enable us to fund these items for one child, for the entire school year.

School Supplies

$25 will purchase text books and school supplies for one child that will last a school term. Help us break the cycle of poverty in Africa by providing children with the tools they need to gain a quality education.

Care Parcel

New Mattress

A new mattress may not sound like an exciting Christmas gift, but the children will be so grateful for the head start a good night’s sleep gives them in class when they return to lessons in the New Year.

Sheets, Blankets, Pillows

Buy one child a set of new sheets, blankets and a pillow to make their return from their Christmas break as comfortable as possible.

Play Shoes

Play Shoes

Imagine the joy on their faces as they slip on a brand new pair of play shoes this Christmas to explore the outdoors, play a game of soccer or run races in their school breaks.

Food Parcel

Food Parcel

Purchase a food parcel for students and staff to take home to their families this Christmas. Full of essentials, this package will bring much needed relief to the homes of our children and staff this festive season.

Our African Dream

They were once children in the Choir, today, they are living out their dreams.

Still Walking in the light

This album was a celebration of fifteen extraordinary years of the African Children’s Choir® giving hope and a future to some of the poorest and most helpless children in Africa. The Choir is joined by the Young Africans, all previous members of our early Choirs, now working as teachers, doctors, lawyers, social workers and many other professions.

Child T-Shirt

Show your support for the Choir by wearing one of these high quality t-shirts, with our vibrant, eye-catching logo on the front.