Christmas Wishlist

The children at the African Children’s Choir Primary School do not return home to piles of glittering presents wrapped lovingly with bows under the Christmas tree, they do not go home to the smell of a lavish Christmas dinner cooking with all the trimmings. In fact, when our children return to their homes during the holidays, it is normally them who are looked upon to bring back any sort of Christmas treat for the entire family. Would you be able to help send our children back home with a Christmas food parcel this year? Or maybe you’d like to purchase them a gift which will make their return to school in the New Year more homely and comfortable, such as a new mattresses, play shoes or blankets?

Food Parcel

Purchase a food parcel for students and staff to take home to their families this Christmas. Full of essentials, this package will bring much needed relief to the homes of our children and staff this festive season.

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