Music For Life Programs

Music for Life has operated a variety of programs in East Africa since its inception in 1984. These programs include education, relief and development, food assistance and outreach in the slum and vulnerable urban areas of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Africa.

In the past, Music for Life’s presence in the continent of Africa expanded into the Southern Sudan for several decades initially providing aid and education to the Lost Boys of the Sudan, eventually establishing 14 primary schools, a secondary school and a teacher’s training college. We also provided emergency help in crisis after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, and areas of conflicts in Somalia. Additionally, Music for Life lead sponsorship programs in both Nigeria and Ghana for several decades.


The African Children’s Choir® program provides for the children’s well being and quality education, utilizing the transformative power of music.


The African Children’s Choir Primary School is a thriving campus where all Choir children receive their primary education before and after the tour.


Our vision is to realize the promise of Africa’s youth by providing education and personal development based on a core set of Christian values.


Our Music for Life Outreach teams are made up of young adults who once traveled with the African Children’s Choir®.


The Music for Life Kindergarten program gives children from impoverished homes the chance to get a good start to their educational experience.