Donate To African Children This Christmas!

Africa has the highest rate of educational exclusion in the world. More than 1/5 of children between the ages of 6 and 11 and 1/3 of children between 12 and 14 are out of school. Almost 60% of teenagers in Africa are not in school at all.

This is important because for these children, quality education is the determining factor in whether they’re able to break the cycle of poverty in their family.

Education in Africa is more than books…

Reasons To Donate To African Children

Children can’t go to school without a uniform.

Many girls are absent because they do not have access to clean sanitary products.

Kids with little access to clean water get sick often and can’t attend class.

African children need your help and the best thing that you can provide them is education


provides much-needed hygiene packs.


provides school uniforms for students.


provides food parcels for five families.


provides water filters for our schools.


Make a difference to African children by providing them basic needs so that they can go to school and further their lives for them and their families. Be the difference today!