Gary Barlow

Choir performing SING live at Jubilee

For those of our friends who were unable to watch this on television, here it is! Introduced by Australian musician Rolph Harris, the African Children’s Choir together with the Common Wealth Band, Sir Andrew-Lloyd Webber and Gary Barlow perform “Sing”, the official song of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, live at the fountain […]

Yes, Sing is number 1 in the UK

This weekend, Sing, the song created by Gary Barlow and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, and featuring the African Children’s Choir in Kenya reached number one on the UK charts. You can watch the video of Sing right here on our website.

“Sing” is unveiled

“Sing” the official song of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee by Gary Barlow featuring the Choir is out, watch the video!

Choir sings on Documentary

The Choir records “Sing” with Gary Barlow in Kenya for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.