Delighting crowds in Kenya

Children from Choir’s 34 and 35 were reunited to perform for the Micato Safaris Owners and Partners Event in Nairobi, Kenya recently.

The performance was a great success, the crowd were overwhelmed by the talent and enthusiasm of the Choir.  The performance concluded with a massive round of applause by the entire audience.

African Children's Choir perform for Micato Safaris

Performing for Micato Safaris

This Choir have performed for the Micato Safaris Owners before, once in Nairobi in 2011 and in Las Vegas in 2010.

The organization were insistent that the Choir perform for them again after the wonderful experience they had at previous events – they just knew their partners would love them, which they did!

As with everyone they meet, the children truly captured the hearts of all, and the top 5 American Executives and the Owners of Micato Safaris requested pictures to be taken with our stars.

African Children's Choir and Micato Safaris executives

Executives having their picture taken with the Choir

The children loved being back on the stage together and fully enjoyed the performance.

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“Sing” is unveiled

“Sing” the official song for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee created by Gary Barlow and featuring the African Children’s Choir has been presented to the world. Watch the video below…

Check out photographs of the Choir recording the song in Kenya here

Also, watch the Choir performing “Sing” live outside Buckingham Palace, on June 4, 2012, together with the Commonwealth Band here.

Photo Gallery: BBC Documentary

Enjoy photos of the African Children’s Choir singing for the documentary of the Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, which is on June 3, 2012. Read more about the song “Sing” that the Choir recorded with Gary Barlow for the event.

Choir sings on Documentary

The African Children’s Choir sing with Gary Barlow for Jubilee Song

Choir selected to record song and participate in BBC documentary:
‘Gary Barlow. On Her Majesty’s Service’

The Choir recording for the BBC Documentary "Gary Barlow: On her Majesty's Service"It was with great excitement that we received a phone call from the production company working with Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber on the commissioning of a song for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert on 4 June 2012. Whilst seeking inspiration for this song, Gary Barlow decided to travel to certain Commonwealth countries that have particular significance during periods of the Queen’s reign. Kenya was selected, as the Queen began her reign there upon learning of the death of her father February 1952. The African Children’s Choir have worked in Kenya since 1990 and were delighted to play their part in this song.

On 20 March 2012 the African Children’s Choir, consisting of 12 Ugandan and 8 Kenyan children travelled a short journey from Nairobi to a location in the Ngong Hills. They recorded their part of the song ‘Sing’ and were later happy to learn that Lydia Inzikuru, the African Children’s Choir soloist would be used to start and close the song. They also performed two African Children’s Choir pieces to the delight of Gary and the film crew. This will be featured in the BBC documentary ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ which will be broadcast in the next few weeks.

“We are genuinely honoured that our children were selected by Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber to sing and participate in this incredible opportunity”, said Sally France, East Africa Director. We are especially grateful to our sponsors; friends and donors for their continued support in helping us raise and educate Africa’s most vulnerable children for the last 27 years. Without this support, we wouldn’t be enjoying the level of international acclaim we have reached.

The song, ‘Sing’ will be available for purchase on 29 May 2012.