Happy Valentine’s Day

We would like to offer you this special track called ‘LOVE’, featuring the African Children’s Choir, as our gift to you. The track was written and performed with Price Love, a Ugandan musician and composer. She incorporates traditional local instruments into contemporary songs. Please right click on the ‘LOVE ACC’ link below and press ‘Save […]

Choir 42 is Coming!

We are excited to announce that Choir 42 will be arriving in August to start their tour and will be touring across the Midwest, USA! Will you be able to help them? The Choir are still in need of a few items to get them going… Would you be willing to help donate to provide […]

1000 Children

Over 1000 children have toured with the African Children’s Choir!

Happy New Year!

Make your New Year’s Resolution to help Africa’s most vulnerable children!

When I grow up…

My name is Angel. When I grow up I want to be a nurse.

East African Food Appeal

Words from the Founder For many, the global recession has wreaked havoc – food prices have increased at alarming rates. In one month the food inflation in Kenya rose by 18.4% (UN World Food Program) and in Uganda the food inflation rose to 42% for the current year. For impoverished countries these increases cause families […]