Between Friends

A good deed indeed

Find out how Music for Life, and the good deed of a set of grandparents, has changed Shamim’s life for the better…

A Director’s Blog – Uganda

African Children’s Choir Primary School There are roughly 25 staff members at the African Children’s Choir Primary School, including teachers, dorm parents, a nurse, cooks, and guards/gardeners. Our visit was a good time to truly appreciate the incredible job they all do, evident in the Primary 7 exam results each year, and the general atmosphere […]

A Director’s Blog – Kenya

Alex Palmer and I took the same flight from Uganda to Kenya. I was pleased to see the base/office. It is quite able to host a visiting team or a group of children! There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms in a nice area. Green Gardens Primary School Mwai, David, Jerusha and I paid a […]

A Day at the Beach

The children of Choir 38 have seen many types of bodies of watersince they have been in America, mainly puddles, bathtubs and sometimes pools. When we were in Washington at the very beginning we saw bits of ocean water but it was only a finger of the ocean and you could always see land on […]

Student Ministries

Once again a highly anticipated team from Mennonite Educational Institute (MEI) in Abbotsford, British Columbia made its way to the African Children’s Choir Primary School for a little over a week. It was a great time for the ACCPS students as they learned more about Canada – the favorite animal was none other than the […]

A Bird’s Eye View

A bird’s eye view of the African Children’s Choir Primary School in Entebbe, Uganda. L-shaped Classroom block Girls’ Dorm Boys’ Dorm Kitchen


On the long drive across Texas to their three-week Christmas break, Choir 38 spent a night with host families from a church in Bryan, TX. While Auntie Sarah met with the host families, the children waited in a room painted to look like a giant airplane. The front wall looked like the plane’s cockpit, the […]

ACC Rocks Rainey Street

[one_fourth][/one_fourth] The African Children’s Choir “Rocked Rainey Street” in Austin, TX in January. Texas musicians Guy Forsyth, Patrice Pike, and Carolyn Wonderland generously donated their time and talent with special performances at the upscale “Lustre Pearl”. Over 300 adults and 40 children attended the event that also included a performance by the African Children’s Choir. […]

Gone Fishin’

In Kenner, LA during their Christmas break a very nice gentleman from the church (Carl) offered to take all of the children fishing! It was a fabulous day and a wonderful experience for all! Carl was so generous and so excited that he rounded up 17 fishing poles so that each child could have one! […]